Green And Beautiful

The official video ”Green And Beautiful” from October Sky‘s new album ”The Aphotic Season.”

This past summer I had the privilege of working along side the Canadian Band October Sky, directing and animating their official music video, “Green And Beautiful.” The video is made up of traditional hand drawn animation, set in a 3D space, adding a certain degree of depth. The process was challenging but very rewarding, I ended up creating some of my most favourite characters to date.

“It doesn’t take much for Paul Kuchar to understand what the client wants…and he delivers it with perfection. It was a great experience to work with him and the whole process was so easy. We had amazing feedback about his work and people were blown away about his ability to send a message through images. We couldn’t be happier about the result.” -Alex Racine, CEO/President/Dummer of October Sky

A proud step forward for Kool Factor Productions.

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